TRX Suspension Training is a bodyweight exercise system which will develop power, strength and core stability, increase endurance, boost your metabolism and develop your flexibility. What more could you ask for from a workout? I absolutely love suspension training!

The exercises allow for a complete range of movement which provides a very functional and efficient workout routine - in other words you’re not just working one muscle at a time but your whole body. In time these exercises train the body to become more stable (because the straps are unstable, your body has to work hard to balance or stabilize itself) this promotes joint stability and of course those all important core muscles are activated during almost every exercise too.

Suspension Training delivers a total-body workout for men and women of all fitness levels, as the exercises can be adapted to suit everyone, whether you are young or old, a seasoned athlete or you just want to get back into shape - or even start from scratch.

I have five suspension trainers in my studio so I can train one-to-one, or five people at a time, providing you with an exercise routine to suit your own personal fitness and training needs.

 TRX Suspension Training session in the Secret Studio