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I’m Harri, a Marlow based Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor (REPS Level 3) and a Leader in Running Fitness. I’m passionate about helping people to keep fit whilst ageing successfully.

I offer Pilates and TRX Suspension Training sessions in my studio.

I also hold running groups for all abilities and ages. If you would like to start running but not as part of a group, I can provide you with one to one training.

For more information about all these activities, please use the menu at the top of this page and do get in touch with me if you have any questions. You can contact me HERE

Timetables for Pilates and TRX classes, and also our Running groups, can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate button on the right of this page.

I also host Pilates and Running (and TRX) days on several Saturdays throughout the year. 'Come and Discover' days aimed at beginners and 'Come and Improve' days for those with more experience. You can find out more by clicking the banner below:


"When Ruth and I decided to run the London marathon, we knew that we were going to need plenty of help along the way. Thankfully Harriet provided most of it for us with her fantastic Pilates class, as well as many snippets of welcome advice about both the training for and the running of the race. We would never have finished without her!! Thanks Harri.....!! Andrew Strauss OBE, former Captain of England's Test cricket team.


'I used to find running hard but running with Harri's groups is always good fun. She has great ways of motivating you to do what you never thought you could (in my case a half marathon!) - and suddenly you find you've achieved your goal. Happy running!' Fee C, Marlow


'Harri’s Pilates classes are a highlight of my week.  It is not only a fantastic workout for the core muscles but somehow Harriet manages to make it fun too!  I find the Pilates really compliments other exercise that I do and I'd do anything NOT to miss a class!' Valerie D, Marlow.


'Pilates with Harri – Wonderful, marvellous and fantastic! After just 8 weeks of Pilates with Harri, I feel stronger, slimmer and like a new woman! My back pain has gone, the tension in my shoulders I’ve had all my adult life has improved massively, I have better posture and I feel I can look after my back and the whole of my body. Thank you Harri for helping to make such a positive change to my life.' Sally Harvey, Marlow


‘Suspension Training uses your own body weight and gravity to achieve a challenging workout. Once you have the knack, the versatility of the straps allows you to zoom in on target muscles and work very specifically. Simple and effective, what's not to love…’ Emily M. Marlow, Bucks.


I love my Pilates classes with Harriet, she is a first class teacher who is aware of everyone’s individual needs. I feel so good and relaxed after the sessions. As I am nearing 65 years old I find it is a wonderful way to exercise to strengthen muscles, without further damaging my arthritic knees!’ Ann D, Marlow.


‘Before I started with Harri’s running group for beginners, running was an effortful and short-lived affair for me. However, I started her relaxed, fun and chatty running group 9 weeks ago and its been pure pleasure. With no pressure and lovely company I discovered that I can run reasonable distances and look forward to much more…Thank you Harri for helping me to see that anyone can do it.’ Rebecca A.